Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Year the World Was Suppose to End

so 2012…

this year was without a doubt…one for the books. my books anyhow. in terms of life changing events i'm pretty sure packing up and moving to this beautiful city that is chicago in 72 hours qualifies. if i look back at where i was this time last year. you could not have told me that i would be smack dab in the middle of living my dream just one year later. 
(hmm. i wonder how many times i can say "year" in this post?) now i know that i talk about moving quite a bit but like i've said in the past. i'm going to be milking this whole "new to the city!" outlook for quite awhile. sorry. 

now don't get me wrong…moving wasn't the only good thing that happened to me this past year. there are quite a few more things i'm pretty pumped i got to experience.

for example...i got introduced to the musical stylings of Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and The Staves6pm.com pretty much changed my negative view of buying clothes and shoes offline. i officially can tell which direction is north without looking at a map. (sad but true) i got introduced to christian grey and boy was it good.   i tried quacamole for the first time and after 28 years of saying "no avocado"...i can finally say…i like avocados. i prayed for snow and got a blizzard on my birthday. i got to witness my mom doing the "gangnam" (yes people. she was quite proud)
and last but not least...i finally am ready to admit... i'm a Taylor Swift fan. (yep. that's right. the girl just knows how to write a good song. and before those of you who might judge…i dare you to just take 20 mins and listen to all the lyrics on the album. i know you will relate to at least one song. the girl knows how to verbalize the pain of a breakup. lord knows we've all been there) 

now on to 2013

considering this past year was suppose to be our last. i'm going to look at 2013 as somewhat of a bonus.  i don't know about you guys but i'm not one to make resolutions and actually keep them. I'm not sure why but for some reason by the time st. patrick's day roles around i've usually forgotten half the things on my resolutions list. so this time i have decided to make some what of a "better me" list. just for the year. (i'm not 100% sure what makes this that much different from a new year's ressie but hey…i figure this blog is mine and i can do what i want right?) 

i want 2013 to be the year of "getting back to the basics." i'm not quite sure what that means or entails but it sounds nice right? i feel like i let a lot of things get complicated that just didn't need to be. HELLO. DATING WAS FOR SURE ONE OF THOSE THINGS. so i'm taking it back. way back… and focusing on keeping life simple and just living. no bs. 
i'm not going to be so on the "hunt" this year for the perfect guy (cause let's be real, i went on enough non-perfect dates in 2012 to hold me over for awhile). i'm not going to start a work out plan and then stop just because Talenti was on sale at the grocery. i'm not going to promise a friend i'll do something and then cancel at the last minute because i was irresponsible and stayed out too late the night before and drank my weight in cabernat. 

so there you have it. my declaration. 2013…BACK TO BASICS. 
wish me luck. 

and i hope and wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
here's to us! 


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