Friday, January 25, 2013

Moda Friday

i'm heading into Stylemax this weekend so i'm pretty much breathing, sleeping and eating fashion right now. i don't know what it is about this industry but i just can't get enough of it. right now i'm swimming in hundreds of new samples coming in daily. it's kind of like experiencing christmas morning an extra 5 times a year. for me personally; it's pretty cool that i get to see what is going to be in stores before it's there. kind of like a little inside scoop.
now this little scoop isn't exactly wallet friendly but hey…you only live once right?

"You live but once; you might as well be amusing."
-Coco Chanel 

speaking of inside scoop
i thought that this week for moda friday i would pick Simal's fashionista brain.
you know…ask all those questions that anyone who cares even a little bit about what they are wearing would ask. aka: things that i have been meaning to ask her but always forget. 

p.s….don't be intimidated by my hard hitting journalist questions

Part 1:

1. What are your fashion pet peeves?

-My fashion pet peeves.. hmm... I'd have to say a poorly accessorized outfit or fear of going up a size.  Your accessories can totally make or break your outfit. I don't feel like people understand this! If you are not big into jewelry, scarves or belts then get the basic pieces. Everyone needs: a set of bangles, a long necklace, short simple necklace, a cute pair of earrings and maybe a cocktail ring if you're feeling snazzy.
What do I mean when I say, "fear of going up a size?" Nothing is worse than stuffing yourself into something that does not fit! Nobody knows what size you're wearing! Who cares if the Medium doesn't fit and you need a Large. Does it look better? I'm sure it does! 
So... who cares! I always tell my customers, do not worry about the size worry about what looks good. If you look like you can't breathe... go up a size!

2. What are your top 3  "bargain" online shopping sites?

-This one is easy!!! LOVE, love, LOVE
They always have top designers for half the price, if not less. You can find just about anything on their site and I've never found it for less than what they are offering anywhere else! has just recently come back into my life. I stopped checking out their site once I found out about ideeli but, Gilt always has Rachel Zoe.. and if you remember I am obsessed with her and her clothes. is the last site I check before I really start my day. They aren't 100% on their game. The sales on their site are really a hit or miss. 
A great thing about and let you know the "estimated shipping date" before confirming your order. Here's the best part....they don't charge you until they are ready to ship! Love it!

3. What items should a person splurge on?

-As much as we all would like to not splurge on anything...jeans, shoes, handbags, wallets, and sunglasses are where I tend to splurge on, but, everyone is different and tend to take care of their belongings in different ways. 
Sunglasses are the one thing a lot of people would rather not spend money on because they will lose them or sit on them. 
So, if that's you...stick to one of the others. 
A nice handbag or wallet are expensive at one lump time but think... you are using this item everyday! Why would you not want something that will last you! In the end, you will end up spending just as much, if not more, after re-buying that same crappy purse or wallet a few months later. 
Shoes... oooooh how I love shoes! lol! I know we've all been there and bought the faux leather cheap shoe and mid day they break! I know I'm not the only one that has had this happen to them! Spend the extra money to get the real thing! They look better, they feel better and you can walk down the street in confidence, and with them in one piece!!

4. How do u feel about wedge sneakers?

-Got to love a sneaker! Especially one that gives you a little height and is comfortable, right? Why would you not love them!? They have soooo many out nowadays it's so hard to pick just one that I'm crazy about, but, if I had to chose one... I'd say the Nike "Dunk Sky Hi" is my favorite. They don't look like you are trying too hard. They are simple, fun, and classy. A lot of the wedge gym shoes look too trendy and we all know that within a few months everyone will be going crazy over some other style. Sometimes when something is too trendy, I try and stay away.

5. Since you own your own store...What trends are u predicting for spring?

-White and Black! 
Boy am I excited! Love black, and who doesn't love a pop of white to add some contrast? Spring colors, like pastels, will continue to be popular, but aqua and lavender are really showing those pastel colors who's boss. What's great about those colors are the fact that you can still mix them with black and turn them some-what edgy. I'm not a super girly girl so anything in the pastel family I stay away from. But I'm kind of excited to add these two colors to my color pallet for the Spring. 

to be cont…
and there you have it. 
thanks Simal

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Have a great weekend!! 


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