Friday, December 21, 2012

That one time I thought I was a model…and liked it

now that i have become a pretty big deal in the blogging world…
i thought it high time i step it up a notch and get some "serious" pictures taken
you know…the professional…i've made it kind

man. i needed a good laugh
i crack myself up sometimes
(hi mom…my one fan)

anywho. i'm not sure if any of you remember me mentioning a few weeks back that while my friend Lu and her hubby were in town visiting…her and i decided to do a little tangled about town photo shoot. 
after weeks of snail mail and missed drop offs…the pictures have arrived. 

you know when people say "oh don't take my picture…i'm not photogenic!" well honey. that excuse won't work here. Lindsey Lu is one heck of a photographer and even made me take a step back and say "dang…i look good!" 
(you would never know we were out all night exploring the world of carmine's italian and getting to know their extensive wine list…the magic of an excellent photographer)

so with that said. i thought i would share our little "model for a day" adventure about town…
...tangled style. 

and if you wanna be like me and let Lindsey Lu make you look good
go here now and book a session

i mean come on…everyone is doing it. 

happy weekend…
get out there and enjoy some holiday magic


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