Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls Who Eat 1.6

i've been persuaded. i like deep dish. 

welcome to 

so i'm not sure if any of you remember a few Girls Who Eat posts back…i mentioned that i wasn't a fan of "Chicago Style" pizza. aka: deep dish. ugh…all that bread. who needs it?
well i stand corrected. 

last weekend (you know the one that i needed recovery from) my friends and i were deciding where to have dinner on saturday night. the majority vote was pizza. shock!  
i of course was a little bummed because i was already preparing myself for the collective gasps that would happen the moment i started to fork off all my toppings and leave the bread. 
the blessed chicago deep dish bread. 

and it went like this...
get in cab and my friend had the genius idea to order ahead since deep dish takes so long 
(if you don't want a crazy wait..i suggest you do this)
the place was packed but we were seated instantly 
considering that the Ravens, Broncos, Packers and 49ers were all playing that night. i was shocked
ordered a caesar salad and i'm pretty sure the dressing was made in house. HELLO. YUM
pizza arrived. pepperoni & onions on one and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink on the other
instead of being my insane stubborn self… i decided to give deep dish one more shot

cue foodgasm music.
the sauce…
the cheesy buttery crust…
the toppings...
(i'm having a flashback. give me a minute) 

and i'm back

there really isn't much more to say. it really is one of those things you just have to try. 
Pequod's… you officially have a fan
one question. how do you keep the bottom crust so crisp? hmm another wonder of the world

and to you guys…
you know what i'm going to say

GO NOW!!!!
(or at your earliest convenience) 

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