Friday, January 11, 2013

Moda Friday

the backstory

 sorry simal. these are the only throwback pictures i had. 
clearly this second picture doesn't reflect the story i'm about to tell.
i'm not sure why but we seem to be in a cemetery. don't ask. 

the first time i met simal was my sophomore year at good old indiana state university. 
(yep. we were sycamores. go trees.) 
we weren't instant friends; mostly due to the fact that we had a teacher that was pretty intense and didn't exactly allow chit chat and expected us to keep our eyes on our own sewing machine. 
so yea. there wasn't a lot of "hey, let's socialize and be friends" time. 
simal was "that" girl. and by that i mean..she was the girl who walked into a room and every single person would turn around to see what she was wearing. we are talking designer clothing here people. IN COLLEGE.   
no joke. the boys and girls were staring. i mean come on. we went to school for fashion…for "some" of us…getting ready for class was like getting ready for our own personal Mercedes Fashion Week. We didn't just roll out of bed and go to class in a sweatshirt and jeans. nope. we went in full makeup, full accessories and even heels from time to time. (less heels for me. considering i fall a lot and isu seems to have an obsession with cobblestone sidewalks. that combined with heels and no sense of balance = me face planting a few times.) so naturally we were all jealous. and just like typical girls…we all figured a "designer" attitude came with those designer clothes. 

boy was i wrong. 

so after 6 months of having practically every class together; simal and i were paired together for a class project. and the rest is pretty much history. we ended up bonding over our hatred for ten-gore dresses, 8am sewing classes and me being fascinated over the fact she had never had sushi before. turns out simal may be one of the most laid back, non superficial people i have ever met. u know the kind of person who looks shy and meek but when they open their mouth they kind of remind you of a randy trucker? yep. that's simal. 

so naturally…when i moved to chicago; simal was one of the few lucky friends that got to put up with my non-stop "where should i go and how do i get there" text.
a few months ago we were out for dinner and got to talking about style, fashion and all that…and she told me she had a fashion blog. of course i was super intrigued and looked it up immediately. after a few weeks went by i noticed my blog was coming up on 3000 views and i wanted do a little something special to represent this. i decided to ask simal if she would like to do a guest fashion post. after saying yes…she thought of an even better idea and suggested we start doing a weekly fashion post series. 
of course i said yes.
and here it is……

from here on out. every friday…
simal & i will be here…sharing our love for fashion and all things style

i hope you enjoy!


Hey everyone!!! My name is Simal (Shamall) and T has asked me to add a little fashion touch to her fabulous blog. I know some of you are thinking... why should we trust what you say is trending? Well, good question! I've worked in the retail industry ever since I was 18 and now...I own my own clothing store called Kiz. Kiz has been open for 2 years and we are still going strong! We've been featured on a few shows; Chicagolicious and Mob Wives. Kind of cool huh? Have I gained your trust yet? Well, hopefully after reading a few of my post I'll turn you into a believer. 

A lot of the clothes I wear are obviously from Kiz. When a customer comes in I can't have them loving my outfit and then sending them out the door to another store. I believe in the clothes I sell and obviously LOVE them, and want to wear them since I picked them out. No.... my post are not going to be shameless plugs for my store, I do shop outside of Kiz. Some may call me a shopaholic. The minute I wake up... I grab my phone and check all my e-mails. Not business e-mails, shopping e-mails. Who is having a sale? Who is and featuring today? I'm OBSESSED! My weaknesses are, shoes and pants. I don't have a favorite shoe designer but for pants...Rachel Zoe all the way! Rag&Bone and Jbrand would come in tied for second. As you get to know me you'll understand who I am and what my style is all about. I don't have a specific style, I don't stick with a specific brand other than Kiz :) 
My motto is: wear expensive pants with inexpensive tops. Tops styles change way too much! I can't spend $200 on a top that I'll only wear once! I'm not a baller yet, and even if I was... I don't know if I would do it then.

So there you have it... Tangled in the City's Moda Friday is officially a go. 

if you would like to know more about Simal or Kiz Chicago
you can catch up with her on instragram or like Kiz on facebook
go now.  

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