Thursday, January 17, 2013


welcome to my week. 
the only wine i could find on the first floor of my grocery store and hbo girls season 1 on dvd  
i'm freaking obsessed with this show. (i forgot what it's like to be 2 years out of college and your biggest problems are trying to figure out whether a boy likes you or not and if it's normal to change jobs every year and a half.)
exciting right? well i have to say… i'm pretty darn okay with the way this week is shaping up. the sad part about this is that i feel like i'm still recovering from my weekend. i'm sure you are thinking…why do you have to "recover" from a weekend? you are 29. that's a great question…and my answer is…i have no freaking clue. 
about a week ago…i asked my friend what her new years resolutions were and she proceeded to tell me that she wasn't calling them resolutions but instead they were grouped into what would be her manifesto. deep right? she's "that" friend. (the one that unintentionally makes you feel like a slacker just because she does more between the hours of 6 and 9am on a saturday than i do in a whole day) after she explained this to me she immediately turned the question back on me. Well of course my "better me" list just didn't feel like it was going to cut it after hearing the deep detailed list she just spouted off.
so i decided to change it up a bit and say "meet more people and get out more!" well heck. at the time... i didn't realize that that would require so much "recovery" time and dedication. grrr

now i'm paying the price. 

wait. why am i already feeling guilty about the fact that i kind of want to sit at home this weekend watching this dvd set and indulge in my newest kale chip obsession. i mean come on…who doesn't want to know what newest dramatic event has happened to Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna.  
i do. i do. i do. 

dang manifesto. 

here's to more recovery time…

happy almost friday 

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