Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Girls Who Eat 1.5

Welcome to the world of communal dining.

So i'm officially a blogging slacker.
these past couple of months have been complete chaos. so much so...that i literally forgot to tell you guys about another amazing foodie experience i had awhile back at publican.

i was having drinks with my friend B and i told her about my quest to conquer all things chicago food. 
i had barely finished my sentence when she perked up and said " Omg. you have to come to brunch with me at publican." (i'm learning very fast that chicago takes brunch really serious)
 Well i figured that any place that can get B that excited was worth checking out. 
and o boy was she right.

this place is very very cool.
you walk in and it's nothing like you think it's going to be.
clean lines. dark woods. high ceilings. and a large walnut communal table. (that i later found out was designed to mirror 16th century european banquets)  let me just say...if you don't like being close to strangers...this might not be the place for you.
but you know me...i'll do anything for a taste sensation. haha.

and now to the food.

i highly suggest ordering some libations here. (come on...it's brunch.)
bloody mary's and mimosas. yes please.

now don't be overwhelmed by the detailed menu. the people here are super nice and love explaining what items on the menu are. when in doubt...ask the waiter what is a top item on the menu. never fails for me.


1. hash browns
2.Burton’s maple syrup-braised publican bacon (legit bacon)

1. Vietnamese Pork Sausage
2. Pork Belly Bibimbap (only order if you aren't on a date. tons o garlic)
(now keep in mind...they like to change it up...so these items may not be on the menu anymore. but don't worry...you will love everything!!!)

and there you have it. another round of girls who eat.

go now!!!!


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