Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Fake Fashion Letters

Dear Stylemax, I really need you to be nice to me this weekend. Please let all things go smoothly and off without a hitch. oh and if you could be so kind to remind me that i'm not 21 anymore when i try to go out and party after you? thanks. Dear Forever 21, let me just take a moment and tell you how much i love you. because of you i bought this, this, this and this. well on my way to wardrobe remake 2012. Dear Target, thanks for the cute new $12 leopard flats. oh and yes…I'm still not 100% convinced this new "target debit" doesn't have a catch! I'm on to you.  Dear Pinterest, I'm making a vow to you now…I promise i will start actually doing things that i pin. Dear Mr. New Neighbor, thank you for giving me a reason to keep my makeup on... right up until i go to bed…just in the hope that you come knocking on my door asking for a cup of sugar. don't you worry. i'll be waiting/ready. Dear Mom, thank you for seriously being the best mom ever. i love that we ended our conversation last night with you telling me to keep an eye out for steve harvey…now that he's in Chicago. yes ma'am. Dear Ranita, thanks for being the most supportive cousin ever and always calling me to tell me my blog is funny. glad my insane life brings you humor. Dear AARP, why are you sending me mail? My 29th bday is 2 months away. geesh! give a girl some breathing room. (but keep the discounts coming. i'm okay with those early!) 


I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!! 
oh and here's a bit of advice for the weekend.
(trust me. i'm wise) 


p.s. i found a few pictures that good old  Melvin iPhone was hoarding. 
feel like sharing.


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