Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tangled List - Hibernation

hello hibernation

this is the first year that i'm not heading into my deep winter blues hibernation. before moving to chicago... i have to admit...i was somewhat of a sad sap during the winter months. i'm talking full on sadness. i used to think it was just the dreary weather and the fact that it got dark before i left work.

well not anymore.

i am quickly discovering...when you are happy in your don't get the winter blues.  
(or maybe that's just me. don't quote me or anything...i'm no doctor.)

so long winter blues.

don't get me wrong. i'm still heading into that hibernation just won't be a sad one. 
nope. this one is going to be a good. the kind where you just get all sorts of projects done. movies watched. blankets knit. online favs shopped. city christmas picture explorations
all the good stuff.

lately part of my hibernation has been me becoming really obsessed with the whole concept of "my favorite things". i think it has something to do with me really missing the Oprah Winfrey Show this time of the year. 

this obsession has directly resulted in me spending hours online "window" shopping.
i can't stop.
i'm not even buying anything. i just sit in front of the computer and literally "browse."  
oh the madness!!! 

since this blog is clearly about me...haha
i have decided to share some of the things i'm over the moon about and actually might not just stare at.


I Would Cuddle You… Tee Red
t-shirt /

too aggressive?

Indiana Necklace / Muz Design Etsy

 gotta represent

The Handy Dandy Hand Strap...buying asap.
Handy Dandy Hand Strap

what happened? band-aids /do i need these? no. do i want these? yes

Avocado Cuber
Avocado Cuber
i figure it's necessary to have. i mean i just figured out i like avocados.

mindy kaling 
kind of obsessed with her right now. / officially on the must read list
whisky stones i don't drink whiskey but...i still wouldn't mind having these. they are so much classier than the fake fruit ones that i have. hello adult ice cubes.

Pivot Power Mini

Last but not least...if this doesn't say comfy hibernation i don't know what does...
comfy fall..LOVE
This entire outfit

and there you have it.
more to come i'm sure.


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