Tuesday, November 20, 2012

View From the Top

have you ever said you weren't afraid of something?
well i'm 28 years old and i just found out that i'm afraid of heights! yep that's right. i've gone all these years sauntering around saying 
" heights? pish posh! i'm not afraid of no heights!"


honestly. this shocked me. i mean come on. i'm 5'3. height is my middle name right?
i'm sure you are wondering what in the world i'm talking about at this point. so i won't keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat.  

My friend Lu and her hubby Zach made the trek up to chicago a few weekends ago to see my lovely face of course. while taking a break from admiring my gorgeous mug...we all decided to reach back to the 8th grade and take a little sightseeing trip to the Sears Tower. 
(i'm sorry. i can't call it the Willis. i just can't. i won't.)

top 6 things this journey taught me:
1. i'm afraid of heights. (don't let the picture above fool you. this is the exact moment i realized i had the fear. also the moment i realized i should look into a career as a ventriloquist… u can't even tell i was yelling at Lu, "take the picture already!!!"
2. my fear of heights brings out my "classy yelling" side
3. children under the age of 6 should not be forced to go here. it's just cruel.
4. don't take yourself too seriously…you are just a small blip on the large scale of things.
5. super cute guys are tourist too!!!
6. eat before doing anything that requires waiting in line for long periods of time. (i'm like those under 6 year olds…hello grouchy pants)

spying on the peeps in the skybox next to us.

I hope all of you make it a priority to visit the Sears Tower. I highly recommend it. 
fear of heights and all. 

and there you have it. 
another glimpse in to the world that is T!

one last thing…
while Lu was in town…she did me the honor of taking a few pix of me for the blog.
they aren't 100 % done but here's a sneak peak.
p.s. to all you midwest peeps…book at session asap.
she's amazing.
see for yourself.

Lindsey Lu Photography

more to come…..

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