Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

dear trader joe's, thanks for seriously making this week end on an even higher note. wine sale! dear bus driver on the 9:17am route. could you please take a chill pill and stop breaking so hard. do you know how hard it is to even try looking cute on the bus? no one is cute when they are holding on for dear life and jerking around like a spastic freak.  dear christmas, i'm going to need you to step off a bit. i have a lot more to do before you visit and with all your's becoming more and more difficult. dear goddess and grocer, thanks for being the reason i have a date tonight. if it goes well…i'm so going to step up my game and buy a more expensive bottle of wine on my next visit. dear chicago, i really couldn't be more excited about all you have to offer this holiday season. you look so pretty with all your decorations!!! 
dear channing tatum, just in case you are wondering...your sexiest man alive issue will be on my coffee table for about a year. thought i should say thanks. dear God, thanks for making channing tatum.  
dear, thanks for luring me into your trap with your sultry discounts. i love my new snow boots. bring it on snow!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!
Happy Friday!




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