Saturday, November 24, 2012

For The Love of Pie

ah…the joy of holiday cooking. 
can you smell that?  

oh you can't. well…
let me describe it for you. 
that my friends is the smell of homemade apple pie. you know…the kind of apple pie that is so good you would slap yo mama for a piece. 
(no disrespect mama. but you know how i feel about pie)

and now for a moment of thanks...

as we all know…i'm over the moon about living in chicago but the two things i miss most are my friends and family being a hop and a skip away. i'm not sure what it is about moving away but it sure makes you appreciate and love home even more. i never really understood the quote "absence makes the heart grow fonder!" but i get it now. i'm pretty sure i have the most amazing family and friends a girl could ask for. 

there isn't a day that i'm not thankful for the life i live and the people that are in it. with that being said…
i feel the need to just give a little shout out to the people and things i'm grateful for. (tangle style)

- unconditional love from the most amazing woman i know. my mom.
- friends that love me in spite of all the insane things i say and do. 
- friends that make pie just because you are in town
- cousins that love you so much they actually will sit through twilight a second time
- the julia Robert's documentary that changed my life by introducing me to some of the most amazing people i have ever met. (to my knit stop crew. i love you guys from the bottom of my heart)
- not having to go shopping on black friday because my mom is a pro and knows what i love
- my mom accepting my cheesy obsession with abcfamily holiday movies
- that moment right after everyone is done eating on thanksgiving and you look around at your family; all stuffed and happy... and realize…they may be loud, crazy and just plain hilarious…but they are family and you love them. 

i hope that everyone had an amazing thanksgiving week!!! 
and remember. there is always room for pie! 

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