Saturday, April 20, 2013

That One Time I Said I Was Going To Blog And Didn't...

who hasn't been blogging? this girl. 

remember when you were a kid and you would pray and pray that time would speed up? 
umm yea. note to self. time is officially speeding by. i mean really…
it's freaking already the middle of april. 


so here's my excuse for not blogging. 
it's a good one. 
you ready? 


yep. that's my excuse. besides working my tail off the last couple of months and traveling like a hobo for work; i have no excuse. this past week i was in St. Paul, MN. have you ever been? well let me tell you what you are missing. BLIZZARDS IN APRIL! gah! 
i found it quite funny that the local newspaper actually had the balls to advertise for flip flops. 
what a tease jcp!!!

i literally left chicago (a place where winter isn't a season…it's a state of mind) for more snow. who does that? this girl is who. so naturally i did what i know best. found the nearest place to purchase wine and hunkered down with my paper cup and ate chipotle three out of five days i was there. heaven.

oh and check this out. the clean remote. 
am i the last to know this exists? 

it's about time…on behalf of all germaphobes….we thank you!

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