Monday, April 22, 2013

Girls Who Eat 1.7

do you love bacon? 

i do. 

for those of you who don't…don't you worry…i'm eating enough for all of us. 
(don't worry. i'm eating turkey bacon as well. gotta have some balance right)

a few weeks ago…on a random tuesday night i met a couple of my gal pals at 694 wine bar. 
i thought it was going to be just another simple tuesday night relaxing with my friends and having a few glasses of wine.  
this happened to be BACON TUESDAY! 
say what? yep. i said it. 
who knew…there are places that actually dedicate an entire day to bacon. it's about freaking time is all i have to say. i mean my friend nikki and i have been celebrating bacon since college. 
now to what we ate… since it was bacon tuesday we naturally had bacon. duh.
we ordered the Kick-Ass Blt. (yes mom…that is the name. i'm not swearing just to be swearing)
it was hands down the best blt i have ever had in my entire life. i couldn't tell you why but when you get to thinking about it…does it really matter? it's bacon. 
we also had the Butter & Salt: bread with three amazing butters & sea salts from different regions.
lastly, after a couple more glasses of wine (which by the way their wine list is amazing!) we decided to end the night with a side of bacon. now this isn't just any side. nope.  this is a side of bacon with honey and black truffle salt. OMG. I JUST DIED THINKING ABOUT IT AGAIN. 

so there you have it. another adventure for the girl who eats. 
oh and one more thing. 
they have the best menu cover ever. 
pretty darn funny. to me at least. 

happy monday loves

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