Friday, April 12, 2013

My Family Tree

so it's officially been 53 days since my last post. time flies when you are having fun. and fun is exactly what i have been having. but we will talk more about that later.
(go ahead and start preparing yourself for instagram overload)
now for a short insight into my tree...
so i'm sure you guys remember me mentioning from time to time that i'm an only child. well i'm also the only child of divorced parents. not that that's really that important but i feel like it's a good segue to this story. haha.
 my mom and dad split when i was a kid and they decided that it would be better for my mom to have full custody of me. (my dad always says..."a girl should be taught how to be a lady by a lady." good thinking pops...i can't imagine you teaching me how to put on mascara or the importance of matching bra and undies. but i still love you)
so naturally i grew up being much closer to my mama's side of the family which meant i wasn't as close to my dad's side of the family. that you have the background deets i can continue. last week i was watching tv and a trailer for the new Jackie Robinson movie '42' came on and i was just speechless about how good it looked. i got to thinking about my last name... Robinson. strange i know but how often do you really think about your last name and what it means or the people who share it. my dad is really into our family tree but i have to admit...i haven't been the most interested. i think the only thing i have ever asked is "why did you and mom only have one kid? i mean come come from a family of 9 kids and mom comes from one of 6 kids. you couldn't give me one dagnab sibling?"  i'm kind of a bad Robinson over here i guess.
i digress 
so immediately after seeing the trailer i texted my dad and started picking his brain. "are we related to Jackie Robinson?" "who else are we related to?" "did you ever meet Jackie?" "why don't i like baseball?" ....and so on and so forth.  
from the time i was a kid he always told me we had some "well known" people in our family but i never really took interest.
(we can blame and insert the stereotypical rebellious "daddy issues" excuse here)
my dad proceeds to tell me that we are related to Jackie Robinson and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. now don't take this the wrong way...but is it weird that i'm more stoked about Bill? I'm a huge Shirley Temple fan and he actually starred with her in a movie. eck.
(i may or may not own every movie she ever did...nerd alert here!)
and that's that. i just had to share....
now go see '42' IN THEATRES NOW.
and then come home and catch up on some tap with Shirley and Bill.
(videos via youtube)
so here's to knowing who you are and where you come from
and to the man who passed on Robinson to me. xoxo dad 

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