Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Little Hater & Mr. Scoops

well hello everyone.
long time no blog.
i blame the little hater. (explanation above)
The last couple of months have been complete chaos...but in the best way possible. i have made a promise to myself that i won't become one of those bloggers that just blogs to be blogging.
(haha. yea right.)
i mean come you really want to know that i sat on my couch for 12 hours straight one Sunday watching a gilmore girls marathon?


(and for those of you who do.... picture: talenti gelato, newest knitting project, fancy fleece pjs and the storyline where Rory moves out of her g-parents house and makes up with Lorelei. shocker!
omg it was HEAVEN.)

now, when i wasn't sitting on my butt i was actually out there living.

Since i moved to chicago i have had some fun visitors. i mean that's expected right?

So of course all of my friends and family are equally awesome and i love each and every one of them but there are a few that are pretty darn funny and probably could start their own tangled blog or two.

For example:
my mom and her bestie d.

now my mom and d have been best friends for a long time. you know…the kind of friend your mom has that you call your aunt because it makes more since and saves time when introducing.
(plus i just like saying she's my aunt to throw people off. for all they know…my g-parents could have been the first angelina jolie and brad pit. BAM. zahara and shiloh)

I digress.

anywho, so my mom and d came here for labor day weekend and asked if i would be their tourist guide around the city. i was super excited because how often do you really get to be a "tourist" in your own city? hello staycation.

And Tourist we did…
yes they have matching chicago bags. 

and now to the tangled hilarity that is my life…

the thing about d is that she is one of those people that lives life to the fullest. you know…that person you meet in life that makes you take a step back and say, "wow. i really need to stop taking things so seriously and just live." she's also that person that if you tell her something like "i'm single and looking for mr. right" she takes you serious and sets out on a mission to make that happen.
yes i'm shaking my head right now just remembering this weekend.

we decided to be the ultimate tourist and take a double decker bus tour of the city. (recommended by the way. don't act like you are too cool. you actually learn a lot if you get the right guide…which we did) naturally we decided to sit on the second level of the bus. well for most...this would be prime seating to see the city. oh no…not for d. for her this was prime "looking out for tanyel a man" seating.
yep. that's right. she literally would see an attractive man and turn to me and say "look down there tanyel. a man. a hot man. down there" i'm not quite sure what she was expecting me to do at that moment? fling myself from the bus and jump him?
we decided to go to the museum of Science and industry. (another must do. even if you don't have younger kiddos…you learn so much.) anyways, we are mid museum tour and decide to venture off into Yesterday's Main Street: Finnigan's Ice Cream Parlor
D decides to tell me that the parlor worker has a nice smile and seems sweet. Now i'm still not quite sure if we were looking at the same man or not but the one i was looking at clearly hates his job. 
mr. scoops is clearly wishing he were anywhere but here. With every scoop you could since his utter disdain. My mom, who may be the nicest person on the planet and the ultimate sweets lover… 
asks mr. scoops. " You must love your job. You get to be around desert all day." Mr. Scoops proceeds to says "if you say so. it's a job. i hate sweets!" 
D then says, " See tanyel. isn't he a nice young man!" WHAT?
Cue the next 4 people in line behind us starting to break out in full blown hysterics. 
quickly mr. scoops shoots everyone a look of daggers while not so secretly
 wishing he cold spit in our ice cream. 
let me just tell you. if i could have put a bucket over my head i would have reached behind the parlor glass and grabbed the emptiest ice cream tub. 
(secretly wishing it was a flavor i loved) 

doesn't this just make you want to see more of my staycation
 a la tourist guide weekend? 
well here ya go. ENJOY!




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