Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Girls Who Eat 1.4

Now what I'm about to tell you may shock you...
are you ready?…

good food makes me happy

ha. i know i know.  i say it every time.
but come on. am i wrong?

Well here it is my peeps. CHEESE, SWINE & WINE!!!!

My best friend has been talking about the purp pig since i moved to chicago and boy-o-boy she had every reason too. this adorable restaurant is located smack dab on michigan ave and is the amazing concoction of four genius chefs who love all things swine. 

I love a restaurant that just isn't about the food but the experience you are having while eating the food. 
when you walk into the purple pig you automatically know this place is a hot little joint. 
there isn't much seating but trust me...the wait is worth every minute. 
Fortunately the weather was nice enough that we could sit outside...even though the next time i go 
i want to sit at the bar. (it just looked so freaking cute and like you were amongst family)

The menu here is a little daunting i must say; so i suggest ordering a bottle of wine and settle in for bit. 

Speaking of wine... 
ordering wine here isn't just a small thing. it's an experience. your sommelier comes to the table and not only brings the wine...he actually explains the history of the wine and all the fun facts that go along with it. 
(and yes...i had to google "what is the title of the person who knows the wine at a restaurant?" don't judge. thanks chacha)

 wine suggestion:
try the Prokupac 
it's made from serbian grapes...or so i was told

Now to the star attraction

like i mentioned up there...the menus insane but in a good way. 
they have everything from pork fried almonds with rosemary & garlic to eggplant parmesan balls. 

So when the bestie and i went here; we decided to try a few different things. the menu is small plate style; so all the dishes are the perfect size and allow you to try more. 

we had the...

Prosciutto di Parma
(is any form of prosciutto bad?)

Pork Neck Bone Rillette & Mostarda
(are you kidding me? a pork spread)

Milk Braised Pork Shoulder with Mashed Potatoes
(had me at braised)

and man was it amazing. 

go now. 
and if you do...tell me how much you love it. 
I love being right sometimes


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