Sunday, July 8, 2012

Girls Who Eat 1.2

Well i did it again...

I ate!

Whew!... that was a close one. i know some of you were waiting with  bated breath to see if i would ever eat again after Mr. Sensitive's warming and sugar coated comments.
Well I did. And boy was it amazing.
Since i had such an overwhelming response to my last  Girls Who Eat post; i have decided to make it a habit.

Introducing the GIRLS WHO EAT SERIES!!!!


Clearly i'm not the only one out there eating. who knew?

So here it is.
My Chicago food recommendation of the week:

Can we please just take a moment and talk about that moment you have when you take a bite of food that is really good and you literally have an out of body experience because it's so good? If you haven't had the pleasure of this yet...please please come to Chicago and try a burger from 25 Degrees. I promise you won't leave without experiencing that moment.

If you start to have a When Harry Met Sally moment. Please don't blame me. I warned you. 

My friend and I were out exploring my new neighborhood when we stumbled across what looked like some kind of West Coast Chopper garage from the outside. 25 Degrees is the cutest place. Be careful or you might just miss it. I had the pleasure of going here on a day when it wasn't 200 degrees; so we sat outside. However, if you get a chance... take a little peek inside this place. I'm pretty sure if Jesse James & his West Coast Chopper buddies lived here they might be regulars.  

Their slogan  is "Bordello Meets Burger Bar" and boy do they have that in the bag. 
As you know; I like my wine so when the waitress told us they sell wine by the jug...
I about jumped for joy. 

And this was the small one

Now the cool thing about this place is that they really take "adult beverages" seriously. They have left no adult bevy stone unturned. From Spiked Sodas (Grape three olives grape vodka grape liqueur / sprite)  to Spiked Shakes (Salty Caramel maker's mark / butterscotch vanilla ice cream / hawaiian red sea salt) ; you can pretty much get whatever concoction your heart desires. 

Now for the "Slap Your Mama it's so Good" portion of this...

We ordered the Tempura Green & Yellow Beans, Potato & 3 Cheese Fritters
(If you get there around happy hour they have a list of $5 apps. Let's all be honest...Who doesn't like a deal.)

and the star of this show....
The #1 Burger.

caramelized onion vella toma / aderkasse reserve bacon / arugula / thousand island 
(Best $12 bucks ever spent)

Now come on.

Now you know a place knows their burgers; when the there are only 4 on the menu. Why do you need a bunch of bogus choices if 4 is getting the job done. 

Well done 25 Degrees. You've just gained a new fan. 

Happy Eating my fellows.

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