Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Vino & Chucks...Can the weekend start any better? NOPE.

Dear middle of the week holiday, I really don't appreciate you making me feel so out of sorts. I'm pretty sure I've had about 3 panic attacks thinking it was Sunday when it's really only Thursday. So not cool. Dear Ladies of Knit Stop, Do you realize that Vogue Knitting LIVE is here in Chicago this year? Am I wrong to already be planning your lives for you and assuming each and everyone of you are coming? EXCITEMENT! Dear Car, Please sell already. Do you know how difficult it is to buy new shoes when I have to worry about you and your insurance? Mama needs a new pair of shoes. SELL SELL SELL.  Don't be sad. Mama still loves you. Dear Mr. Fedex, I will not be slave to you and your insane good looks. Please stop all the shy half smiles and the sly waves. I'M ON TO YOU! 
Dear Miley Cyrus,  Please teach me your seductive ways. Clearly I'm doing something wrong if "Hannah Montana" is getting married while I'm still single and the highlight of my week is blogging about Huck the dog getting fresh with me in the elevator.  
Dear Nora Ephron,  First let me start by saying "thank you!" Thank you for pretty much teaching me all there is to know about love... and what to expect from a man. Now some may say it's all unrealistic and a fairly tale...but I believe that because of you; I refuse to settle for Mr. So-So when I know that I can have Mr. Sam Baldwin, Mr. Harry Burns, Mr. Michael, Mr. Joe Fox and we must not forget Mr. Paul Child. Ms. Ephron, you raised a generation of love sick ladies and we wouldn't have it any other way.  You will be missed. mwah!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!
Happy Friday.



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