Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Katherine Heigl Ain't Got Nothing On Me

And I said it would never happen

yep. a slide

When I say I have a fear of bugs...Take me seriously

So this past weekend I was in my 13th wedding.
No you aren't misreading that...I said 13th. 

I remember when I was younger and would just whine to my mom...
"I just want to be a bridesmaid someday! When will I be asked?" 
Man...when it rains it pours.

Not to discredit any of the previous weddings I have been in 
but this latest one had some pretty stellar moments. 

Here are just a few for your reading pleasure:

1. I found out on the way to the rehearsal dinner that the reception was outside. 
(As I'm sure you gathered...I'm not Ms. Nature)
Needless to say...there were bugs. Lots o bugs. Which resulted in a lot of screaming on my part.

2. The bride told me a couple days before the wedding we were staying in a cabin. 
She followed this with great laughter...waiting on my response.
Note: The last time I was in a cabin (circa 2001) it wasn't pretty. 
No electricity, running water or air conditioning
The things you will do for a boy

3. I had judgement towards Darius Rucker (aka: Hootie) when he went country. 
"He's black; why is he wearing cowboy boots." 
I eat my words.
Hello Darius. Let's get married.

4. The dog ate the cake. 
(Not funny to the bride right now but will be when she looks back)

5. The bridal party slurped down 6 bottles of champagne 
during the limo ride from church to reception. (30 mins) 
Hello party animals.

6. There was a slide on the reception site. 

Happy Hump Day! 

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