Friday, April 27, 2012

Awkward & Awesomely Tangled Thursdays

Trouble sleeping...

I sometimes have some serious insomnia going on...Usually this is a bad thing but there are times when this is the most amazing thing because i get to knit, pay bills, return emails, make some killer playlists, catch up on tv shows online and pin. In the wake of this midnight business I often times come across some of the most amazing blogs while on pinterest. {yes i'm obsessed with blogs. move on.}
So i have found another genius blogger. {Look what you have started jenrenee and jennabee}

another jewel has been found: thedaybookblog {Thank you Pinterest}
I came across this hilarious blogger by the name of sydney poulton.

In the short period of time i have lived in this fashion forward city i have become more and more inspired to revamp my style a bit and take a few fashion risks. {perfect reason why pinning is a must. how do you remember everything you love? see here: Reinventing My Style} While on this quest of fashion adventure i came across a great look that i loved and pinned it immediately. Naturally i clicked on the picture to see the source of the style and that's how i stumbled upon my newest fashion inspiration. Sydney Poulton.
This is what i love about get to see into someone's life and know that you aren't the only person who is awkward and awesome. [thanks sydney}

As i started to read through all of these great entries i came to the genius that is Awkward & Awesome Thursday! {a must read if you have the will have you appreciating every A&A moment you have had in your own life.} I realized this is the story of my life minus the husband & son. It's those moments that have you literally asking yourself out loud? "really?" which happens to me almost hourly.

In honor of A&A Thursdays... I have decided to contribute to the madness and share my A&A's for the week. {Hmm should i start doing this weekly as encouraged by Sydney? something to think about}

and here goes:

-realizing i'm that person who's music is a little loud on the bus when a woman next to me is humming along to adele's 'rumor has it"...without headphones of her own. {sorry stranger...i love adele but apparently so do you!}
-waiting at the bus stop in the rain & wind while your $10 target umbrella makes a joke out of your hair styling attempt this morning by folding outward
-after walking up 3 flights of stares and breathing so hard that the Dunkin donuts cashier asking me if i'm okay and actually giving me a look of judgement when I order my blueberry muffin
{pretty sure that's a good sign i need to work out!}
- A customer calling in for me at work and insisting my name was Twilda. {really?}
- Trying to keep a straight face when the man two seats over from me on the bus is trying to freestyle rap.
- "Honey you really shouldn't talk about wine so much on your blog.Your future husband could be reading this!"-mom
{hmm. shouldn't mr. husband take me for who i am? a girl who likes her cab sauv.}

-The ability to sleep in until your body naturally wakes up after 3 weeks of packing and moving. joy.
-After a month of saying no...being talked into taking a sip of a "green drink"my vegan roommate concocted and actually thinking it's not bad.
-Walking through a huge puddle when it's raining and acting like it's no big deal but secretly loving it
{i love you hunter!}
-Friends coming into town just to help me find a place to live
-Getting to finally really use Urbanspoon and discovering La Madia and it's pizza. {a must try if you are in won't be sorry.
- Finally feeling like i can tell which way is North/ South / East or West just by looking up.
And there you have it.

So here's to being Awkward & Awesome and owning it.

Thursday means almost Friday. yay!

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  1. Yay! Everything in this post is so very YOU. Thanks for helping me with my Tangle withdraw. :)

    Cheers, Kate.