Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm stuffed...

(Insert sigh here)

You know the kind of stuffed you feel when you eat a great meal and during the meal you literally have to lean to one side so you can eat more food.
Yep. That's how I feel right now.

So it's been a little bit since my last entry and I can honestly say it's because I've been living. Or shall I say I have been eating. What is it about people from Chicago? They find out that you aren't from here and BAM...they want to take you out for Drinks and dinner. Drinks and breakfast. Drinks and Lunch. Drinks and a Snack. (they like their drinks...No complaints here. Sorry mom.)

I have officially been in this insane food mecca of a city for two months and I have never ate so much in my entire life. 
One thing I have learned  is...
Chicago knows food. 

Since I have been chowing down so much here lately; I have decided to dedicate this entry to Chicago and its love of food!

Now I know a lot of people out there blog about food and talk about how amazing the blends and the textures and the depth of flavor layers in that sauce were... Well if you are looking for foodie technical frou frou stuff here; you so aren't going to find it because I'm not that person.

Okay people. Let's talk food...

Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking
"duh Tanyel". "Way to come late to the "we already know that party!" I know I know. I mean when i moved here I knew that Chicago was very well known for food but knowing and experiencing is two different things. 
(yes i used the word duh. i'm still gonna rock it. don't judge. you know you use it too!)

In the past two months I have had quite a few "Welcome to Chicago" meals.
I kind of fell in love with all of them and want to share them with you.
I'm obsessed with Instagram; so I took a few pictures for you guys.

(and p.s. if you're in town; I suggest trying at least one or two of these places. you will not regret it!)

1. The Gage
Recommended to us by the concierge at the W Hotel. Located right across the street from Millennium Park.
-the Mussels (People!!! the mussels had a gravy type sauce. Are you kidding me? These babies made me make that mmmmm sound out loud. This was not the time or place to be looking for a man. ha)
-Arugula salad (Why do people not give more props to Arugula? So under appreciated)
-Daily Risotto (they literally add whatever is fresh that day to the risotto dish. hello heaven)
-Homestyle chicken dish
-beef stew pasta
From the looks of it; they change the menu every week or so. Which you can't beat.
And if you like a good vodka gimlet....Ask for Amy. She makes the best ones I've ever had.

(The place responsible for my current state of food coma)
Their slogan is literally "Pizza & Pierogi" Seriously?                            My friends and I met here today and I was expecting a standard pizza place. Nope. It's so not.

Very small and super comfy. My friends had the bloody mary's and they were raving about them. (I just can't do the Bloody Mary...I believe tabasco should be on fried chicken. Not in a glass. sorry) They come with a pickle, 2 olive, salami and peperonicini skewer. We literally thought the skewers were so good that we asked for a few extra on the side. (Yep. we were those people)            

As you can see...We were a little hungry. These are just appetizers people. Who needs entrees when apps are this huge.                                Serious bang for your buck.
-Waffle fries -Bruschetta -Flying Pork Wings and last but not least the most insane sampler ever: 
Babcia Holzman's Polish Sampler. 
Now I have never been one for polish food but this little puppy changed that real quick. Something that contains pierogi's, sauerkraut, potato pancakes and a very large polska kielbasa can't be wrong. 
Hello Food Coma!!!!!

Now before I go on; I need us all to have a moment of silence....
Why you ask? 


FOR BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, I love me some burgers. Now this is in no way a diss to my vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian or macrobiotic homies. But mama loves her meat. (Sorry I grew up in a house where you actually buy a full cow annually.) Poag Mahone's may have the best hamburger I have ever had. No joke. After watching Food Inc. I'm a little bit sensitive to where my food comes from and this place knows it's beef. (All the little Bessie's lived a good life before ending up on my plate.)

-Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burger. Sounds simple but so good. 
They will fix it whatever way you want them to...without judgement.
Medium Rare Please. 

Think Soup Nazi..... But so worth it. 
There really are no words about this place. Food speaks for it. 
Expect a line practically down the street and around the corner. They have been around since 1923; so they know what they are doing. They hand out homemade donut holes while you wait in line and milk duds for after the meal. Breakfast all day (my idea of heaven) 

All eggs served in individual skillets. Coffee to die for. Biscuits and gravy made me thank the Lord I was alive. and lastly.....wait for homemade soft serve vanilla ice cream. Sweet Mary & Joseph. 
This is one of those moments that I wish I could say. "When you go here. Tell Rita Tanyel sent you and said hello." But that's not the case. Rita doesn't know me from Adam!!!!! Why Rita Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least.....

Now before you start judging and tell me "This is a chain what are you thinking!!!" Well I didn't know this when we walked in. If they don't have it in Indy....It's new to me! so shhhhhhhhhh. I have discovered something new that I love...                                                             AVOCADOS!!!!!!!!!! (didn't even know how to spell that. Spell check just caught it. Thanks Mr. Comp.) My whole life I have been saying I don't like avocados. Well I don't. But man o man. I just had guacamole for the first time and it knocked my socks off. They freaking make it at your table. Chain or not....this place is great. We literally didn't even make it past the appetizers. 
The Pomegranate Margs are killer.                       
And boy-o-boy do they have a really attractive male wait staff. 
(I'm sure I was at the peak of my hotness as i shoveled large chip fulls of guac heaven into my mouth.)  
So good...that i have been here twice in the last 2 weeks. 
I suggest the lounge upstairs if you are looking for a little less noise and a tapas menu. 

Okay I have to stop now. 
whew....this is a little wordy. 
food gets me talking!!!! 

Happy Eating my fellow Foodies!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Monday.

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