Sunday, April 22, 2012


Now... as many of you may know or have guessed... I'm single. 
surprise surprise. 
a single woman living in chicago. 

So naturally every time i walk out the door of the apartment; there is potential that i could meet mr right or mr. right now...
With that my 72 hour jump from suburb to city; I made the decision to sell my car when i moved here and join the nonexclusive public transportation club. {explains #1 & #2 of my previous entry}
what was i thinking? oh right. i'm a horrible driver.

My feelings about public transportation have drastically changed in the past 6 weeks. When i first started riding the bus; i was the scared passenger that didn't want to touch anything, had my cta card out before i even saw the bus {as if the bus driver would not let me on without seeing it first}, never sat down in fear of missing my stop, always kept my eyes straight ahead to learn my surroundings and of course never talked to anyone.

Fast forward to today and BAM! i feel like an old pro. I'm sitting down, card stays in purse until on bus {the wind will blow it out of your hand}, still don't touch anything except the hand rails {that won't change} and i actually look around and see who's on the bus. These may seem like small things to you but they are huge things to me. 

Since i have become more comfortable on the bus i have started to notice quite a few hottie mchottersons ride the bus as well. who knew? not me because i was too busy not missing my stop. 

Well now i've seen the light...


This brings me to why i called this entry "Public Transportation is the new"

A few weeks ago i got on the bus as usual; settled into a seat and put my headphones on and was enjoying my ride; when "mr. hot" got on the bus.
Now i have seen a lot of hot guys since i moved here but this was different.
Ladies, you know when you see a guy that literally makes your jaw drop, the nervous feeling waves over you and you actually catch yourself staring.
well mr. hot is this for me.
As i'm sitting on the bus trying not to stare i look over at him and realize he's looking at me. yep.
it happened. that moment where you meet eyes with someone and you actually feel like "okay, this person might dig me like i dig them!" 
Two stops later i'm off the bus knowing i will probably never see this guy again. I mean you very rarely see the same people on the bus right?


Four days later i get on the bus just like every other day. not even thinking twice about "mr. hot". i look up and see him standing at the bus stop as we pull up. in a quick second i swing my bag open. grab the gloss, apply. check reflection in window {wind really isn't friendly to short hair} as best i can. and i'm ready.
mr. hot gets on the bus and starts to walk closer to where I am sitting. I quickly take off my sunglasses {my roommate has kindly told me i look stuck up and high maintenance with them on. thanks.} He keeps walking back and i finally get the nerve to look up and he walks past with a smile. he sits diagonally across from me. after a few time passing glances... my stop is coming up. i get up and start to head to the back of the bus when suddenly the guy in front of me decides he's going to stop without any warning. i go to grab on to the rail when i look down and realize i'm standing right in front of mr. hot. legs straddled and all. Just as i start to get my balance the bus starts to move again and i go to grab the closest signal cord which happens to be right next to mr. hot's head and then it happened....the most embarrassing thing. i hit mr. hot in the face with my boob. i kid you not. happened. {for those of you who don't lumps aren't oranges by any means. melons people. melons.} mr. hot got a face full. in the wake of my mortification i quickly pull back my melon and start stuttering out an apology. " omg i am so so sorry!" and what does mr. perfect/mr. hot say you ask? best thing ever. " oh no. trust me. it's totally fine!"
I cough out a giggle and say "great. thanks!" {what? great tanyel. really?} and off the bus i go.
i have a feeling this counts as a first date right?

So for those of you who may hate or fear public trans....
I have to disagree. who knows.
the next one may be the one.

i consider this an ice breaker. don't you agree?

here's to hoping.
here's to mr. hot!!!
Thanks for making my week.

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  1. Think of the story you could tell your grandkids!!!