Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NFT: Not For Tourist

I have officially been here a month and a half!!! Wahoooooo.
i'm still alive.

A month and a half ago I quit my old job, got a new job, moved to chicago with two suit cases, and started my new job all within 72 hours. Anyone out there that has been wavering on a life change and scared to take the leap...well i'm here to tell ya. step out in faith and it's crazy how things work out.
1st Day

A couple of days before I left Indy; one of my friends gave me a book called
NFT: Not For Tourist.
Chicago edition.
(Thank you L.W)

This book tells you every thing one feels they should know when moving to a different city. awesome right? right!

or so i thought...

Today i have decided that since i have been here a whole month and a half (still feel like a tourist) i should share some of the wisdom i have had the pleasure of learning in my short residency here in the windy city so far...


     A. Get on a freaking bus or train. 
     B. Go to grocery stores right after work. 5-7pm. HELLO MAN MECCA.

2. Don't try to look sexy while standing on the bus. YOU WILL FALL. 

3. Any fluid on the ground could be and probably is pee. WATCH YOUR STEP

4. Cvs & Walgreens for wine. They have at least one bottle on sale. 
    Not the time to be a wine snob. do we really care?
    it's wine on sale.

5.  Last but not least... Don't text and walk. YOU WILL GET HIT BY A CAB.

I'm sure I will have more in the future but for now...there you have it.

words of wisdom for me. Common sense to most.

Happy Hump Day!!!

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