Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's to Huck

I'm alive. ah! You hear that?
That's me taking a deep breath of relaxation.

Wow it's been awhile since I have given you guys an update. sorry.  I promise to be better. 

Well a lot has happened since my last entry... 

I finally found a place to live.
I'm no longer a squatter on my friend's air mattress! It's amazing how much you take for granted until you are forced to pack your life into two suitcases and live for 3 months.
After one long weekend of apartment searching with my friends, a lot of tiny square footage and a few vodka gimlets...I finally found my home. That's right people. I'm finally a Chicago resident.
didn't have quite this many...but close!

The new place is tiny but let's keep it real...it's all about location location location location. I went from almost 800 sq ft to a little under 600 sq ft. The good thing here is that I was forced to eliminate a lot of clutter out of my life. ( I mean how many Hot Box Pizza cups do I really need? and how important are those high school t-shirts?)

Recommendation of the week: clear out the clutter in your life as if you are losing square footage in your home. Really gives you the most amazing feeling! 

So i'm sure you guys are wondering what's so great about this tiny place of mine.

Well here are a few things. 

1. Super hot door man 
The downfall of this is that every morning when I'm leaving for work...there he is. Now this might not seem like a problem to most but considering I'm not a morning person in the least bit; it's pretty clear when I say hello to Mr. Door... in my forced "i didn't just wake up sounding like a man" voice; he's literally caught off guard and a bit frightened. 

Don't be scared Mr. Door. I promise it goes back to normal after a few cups of coffee. 

2. Elevators
Now one might think that having an elevator and loving it is just another form of laziness. 
Well you are right. But do you know how easy it is to move when you have them? Exactly! 
Not sure if you knew this but elevators are also flirtation devices for some. 


No I'm the one who decides to do a little laundry to test out my new laundry room on the 9th floor the first week I'm here. Normal. Check.
I load my clothes into the washer, get back on the elevators and push the button for my floor. After a couple of seconds the elevator stops, doors open and there stands Mr. Mocha. (he literally was tall, dark and handsome. what else do you call someone that looks this way?) Normal single ladies would have just flirted their little hearts out all the way to their floor. Oh no. not me. I look up. See Mr. Mocha. and iterally get so stunned by his hotness that I practically jump off the elevator. As I'm jumping off the elevator i realize i'm getting off on the wrong floor. Crap! I cooly walk to the left as if i'm on the right floor so Mr. Mocha doesn't realize how big of a dork I am. I wait a couple of seconds for the doors to close and push the down button again to wait for the next elevator. Well the dummy that I am hit the button too soon and the same elevator that I just leaped out of like it was on fire was still there harboring Mr. Mocha. Instead of getting on;  I literally jump out of the way and run around the corner in total mortification. Yep that's right. You read correctly. I really jumped out of sight as if Mr. Mocha didn't see me. HE DID! 

Here's to the next year of butterflies in my stomach every time I get on the elevator in the chance that Mr. Mocha is there. 

3. Dogs
My new apartment is super pet friendly. As I recently found out during my" hunt for a home tour 2012" there aren't a lot of buildings in Chicago that are all pet friendly. Apparently to find a building that allows dogs is rare. Who knew. I don't have a dog but one thing I learned very quickly is that when you  have a dog or love dogs; it's the perfect conversation starter. 
" omg. your dog is so cute. what kind?" - me
" lab something blah blah mix! I'm not 100% sure. He was a rescue. His name is huck." - Mr. Tail 
" Hi Huck." (As I kneel down to pet Huck... I start to wobble a bit but quickly place my hand down on the floor to catch my balance and stand up.) 
" Oh, be careful!" - Mr. Tail
(Just as the word "careful" comes out of Mr. Tail's mouth; Huck the dog decides he really wants to take our new blossoming relationship to the next level by sticking his head up the back of my dress and nicely giving Mr. Tail a glimpse of my ever so fabulous Fruit of the Looms.) 
"Well hello Huck!" - Me
"oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. He gets that from me." - Mr. Tail 
I laugh a little flirty laugh (or my best try at one) and the elevator doors open...
Just as I exit the elevator and say "Have a great day. Hope to see you around!"  I realize I have on the granny's. (The fruits that no one but yourself should see!) 
Now Mr. Tail knows I'm a 90 year old woman in a 28 year old body. Whew, I was worried I would have to wait until later to let him know that. 

Thanks Huck. That a boy! 

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