Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday
I'm so happy to see you. 
You really had me worried there for a minute. Didn't think you would ever get here.  
Dear New Apartment, I love you more than you know. You may be small but you are mine.  
Dear Rain, I'm not even sad you are here. Nothing is getting me down today!!! Dear Pandora,  Thank you for introducing me to the music of Ryan Shaw. Amazing. Dear American Express,  Thank you for the Aziz Ansari kayaking commercial. I'm pretty sure I pee'd my pants earlier. Hilarious.  Dear homeless woman sitting next to me on the bus,  I can see you reading my phone screen as I type this. You aren't as sneaky as you think. Dear Mom, Thank you so much for getting me through the last three months and putting up with my emotional tackiness. I love you.  
Dear Dad,  I hope you are ready for our 4 hour therapy drive tomorrow. BRING IT ON! 
Dear New Apartment Security Guy,  no I will not give in to your hotness. 
Dear Megabus,  Please be nice to me today and leave on time. Thanks. Dear Roomie,  Thank you for letting me be a squatter for 3 months, accepting my moody morning personality and my inability to close cabinet doors. You now can have your life back.  Dear NBA Boston Celtics,  I know this may be a shock but I'm rooting for you tonight. If it can't be my beloved Mavericks. You it will be! Smash the Heat! Thanks. Dear New Showroom,  We love you. You're so pretty!  
Dear NeoCon, Thank you for making me get my wax appointment moved up. Can't meet my potential husband looking like a hairy beast. Dear First Summer in Chicago,  I can't wait to take you in and make you the best Summer ever.  
Dear Tangled Bloggy Readers,  Thanks for taking the time to read my boring stories. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

much love, 


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