Wednesday, October 9, 2013


have you ever gone on a vacation that gives you an out of body experience? i'm not even sure if that makes sense but this recently just happened to me. a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of heading out to lake winnipesaukee in new hampshire with my friends debbie and becky. this place was magical. from the moment we got off the plane a sense of calm and ease came over me and i knew it was going to be the most amazing three days of my life. 
my friend becky is the kind of friend that likes to "invite" herself places. now most people may think this is rude but i'm a pretty huge fan of it because she always lets me tag along and i end up having an amazing time. you know those times "for the record book" good. well this weekend was no exception. one late night over bottles of wine and a bonfire…debbie mentioned that her parents have a place on lake winnipesaukee…of course becky jumped at this opportunity and next thing we knew… we were booking flights and packing our bags and heading to new hampshire. 
and let me tell you…
we get off the plane…jump in our rental car and head to the lake.  i'm not sure if it was just me or the fact this place seemed unreal but the air was cleaner, the sky was clearer and the water was like crystal. the moment we arrived at the house we didn't even unpack our bags. we just ran straight to the water and stared. now as most of you know…i'm not a nature person at the least but man o man this place was for sure going to give me a run for my money. yep that's actually me down there standing in non-chlorine water. (mom, aren't you so proud? look at me in nature!)

after we got our quick fix of the lake we decided to unpack and get our necessities. you know…wine, cheese, pasta, more wine and such. we hit up the only store within miles and come to find out it's also the local gift shop and restaurant all in one. you know… the kind of place where they sell everything from omelets to post cards. and the prices i tell ya...these puppies were only $15 bucks a piece.          
if i could have shipped some of these lovelies home i would have. no joke. 

becky had made two declarations for this trip. 1. eat as much lobster as humanly possible and 2. go fishing everyday. as i'm sure you've gathered…when she puts her mind to something it happens and yes she dragged us right along with her. i never thought i would say this but…i fished everyday. me! the girl who's idea of roughing it is in a hotel without room service. but i decided to step outside of my cushy little comfort zone and do things i normally wouldn't do. so fish we did. fast forward hours later and we caught one fish. one fish the whole weekend and it was so small we had to throw him back. i of course became very attached and decided to name him roger. roger was a good fish. a loyal fish. and so not feeling becky's love kisses. (yep. she kissed a fish …and a lobster but that story comes later) and now for the photo dump...

me doing my best impression of a wind goddess. not bad huh?

and of course i had to bring my knitting.

and there you have it. there are tons more pictures but i won't bore you with those today. (but don't you worry. they are coming) stay tuned for a few girls who eat posts from this trip as well. all i have to say is…don't mess with a girl and her lobster! 

until next time


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