Tuesday, September 3, 2013


just recently i have become obsessed with stand-up comedian louis ck. he has this amazing series called "other people's kids." if you ever get a chance to check it out…it's hilarious. this new obsession of mine  has started to make me very aware of my friend's and their kids. so a few weeks ago i was visiting my friend angie and her family and starting thinking about how my life is so not "kid friendly." now don't get me wrong… i love (most) kids but i'm at the age now were people feel the need to give me the "you are almost thirty" speech. this speech usually consists of three topics. 1. marriage 2. buying a house 3. kids. what is it about thirty that automatically makes people think all these things are a must? are they going to come and clean up after my future kids? are they going to babysit? are they going to hire me a housekeeper? i'm about 100% sure they aren't. oy! 
i digress. 
so when i was visiting ang and her kiddos i really got to see what it's like to be a young mom and have two kids and one on the way and i must say….brava ang!! i mean she may be one of the coolest mom's i have ever seen. her two bambinos are amazing. i kept telling her, "if i got a guarantee that my kids would turn out this well i would maybe start popping them out now. there was a moment when i was talking to her little girl addie and i felt like i was talking to a grown woman. what? since when do kids talk like adults? or maybe i'm just a child in a 29 yr olds body?  "tan tan, did you know that my mama has a baby in her belly and i'm going to help her take care of it? are you going to come visit the baby?" - addie huh? really? SHE'S 4! so um yea. 

kids today i tell ya.

i always think from time to time about what my great grand parents would think of the world today. for some reason i can still hear my great grams telling me, "don't eat anything that can't expire!" no little debbie's! got it grams. she didn't say anything about candy though! man o man… when was the last time you were at an old fashion candy store. well lucky lucky me…i was in the right town at the right time. wakarusa dime store is pretty rad if i don't say so myself. my little helpers addie and jack were totally okay with this little visit as well. jumbo jelly beans, bacon flavored suckers and last but not least… my mom's fav candy…SUGAR BABIES! when is the last time you saw a jumbo jelly bean? well this was my first time and i was just like a kid in a candy store…no pun intended.  

so here's to 4 year olds going on 44 and 29 year olds going on 12! 
chocolate smiles and jumbo jelly beans!!!!

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