Wednesday, August 21, 2013


and now for more photo dumping…

my best friend chantelle aka: tooty was in town earlier this summer for about 48 hours; so of course we had to jam pack those little hours…and pack we did. 
naturally i completely spaced on taking any pictures and only ended up with a few from this awesome cooking class we took at bespoke cuisine 
have you ever been to a cooking class? well if you haven't i highly recommend this one! oh and did i mention is BYOB. yep. so you know what that meant for me the tooty… lots of bottles of wine. (but don't worry. we shared. a little)
we went from just a nice civilized group of friends to full blown chaos, dancing and smart car amazement (i just can't get over how little these cars are. what happens when a strong wind blows or you pass a semi on the highway? hmm.) 
oh yea. my friends and i are those people.  

now onward…
so i'm not sure if any of you remember but earlier this year i made a pact with my friend becky about being more social. well part of that pact was agreeing to friday evenings spent at millennium park. when i first agreed to this i was thinking in the back of my head…oh this won't last long. no one can meet every friday and just sit and listen to music. FAIL. I WAS WRONG. we have hit up millennium park more times than i can count and i'm not complaining at all. i had no idea that you could go and make a picnic and just sit for hours. there's something i can't quite describe about this amazing park smack dab in the middle of the city. its become one of my favorite places in this city. if you get a chance to come hear a concert or two you totally should. you won't regret it! 

can you see the "Go Hawks!"
(Yep…that's how old this pictures is…sorry)

i'm pretty sure you are rolling your eyes by now so i'll stop.
for now…. 
i actually have so many more pictures but i guess i'll spare you. unless i decide to do a throwback thursday series on here. hmm. there's a thought. 

when does summer officially end? i never thought i would say this but…i'm exhausted. 

stay tuned my fellow tangled bunnies…there will be more social butterflyness (not a word. i know) to come! 

oh and can i just throw out one more thing…

yep. i threw it back to 2007. that's what happens when... every other photo we have our eyes closed. 

xoxo till next time

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