Friday, January 17, 2014


dear chicago, i love you so much but this weather is a little much. negative 22 degrees to 40 degrees. are you trying to get me sick? this relationship of ours is really starting to get strained. can you hurry up and bring back your gorgeous summer face? dear knit picks, thanks for accepting my expired gift card. i'm not quite sure what i would have done without my knitting during this chiberian insanity. dear  mom, if you could come back to chicago like asap…that would be great. i miss you. thanks. dear tangled friends, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes on instagram, twitter and this here bloggy. you are are so stinkin' sweet. dear youtube,  darn you…why am i just now coming to the vlogging party? i mean…why was i not told earlier how freaking cute some of these families are? shout out to the nive nulls, gabeandbabetv and Patricia Bright! you guys have made my insomnia way more entertaining. oh to you peeps who haven't rsvp'd to this awesome party…subscribe now! i's quite entertaining. dear anthony evans, kari jobe and francesca battistelli, your music has been my life raft these last couple of months. i'm about 100% sure you will never know how much it got me through some tough days. dear soul city, i have no words for how much i love you. i've never been prouder to be a part of such an amazing community of believers. i'm proud to call you my church home and grow with you in the light and love that is Christ.
love really does work.

here's to the weekend


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