Thursday, December 5, 2013


yep. you are seeing correctly. i am writing an entire post dedicated to my obsession that is scandal. why you ask? well why not? i mean if you don't watch this show you won't read this and if you do…well you are nodding your head right now in agreement with me that it's so worth writing about. am i right or am i right?   
so i have to admit i came to the party that is scandal a little late. i've been on a bit of a new show boycott because these crazy tv networks get you hooked on a show and then BAM! cancelled. i.e: smash, lipstick jungle, cashmere mafia, off the map, the new normal…i could go on forever. so naturally when the previews for scandal started popping up during grey's anatomy and all things abc…i ignored them aggressively. well it wasn't long before one friend, then two friends, then three friends started telling me about this amazing new show. pish posh! I wasn't getting my tv heart broken again. i just don't think it could have handled it. 
boy o boy was i wrong. 
after about the sixth or seventh friend telling me i need to stop being such a stubborn mule i decided to buckle down and queue it up on netflix. 
let the madness begin. 
48 hours and 29 episodes later i was officially drinking and swimming around in the gladiator water and walking around saying things like, "it's handled" and "i'm listening to my gut." what is it about this show that just pulls you in and the next thing you know you are freaking rooting for a married man and his mistress to live happily ever after? or you find yourself falling head or heels in crush with a top secret killing super spy? dang you shonda rhimes. I'M RUINED! (ha. fitz said that to olivia once) And don't even get me started on the amazing wardrobe that is Olivia Pope. i mean…how is it even possible that a girl can drink so much red wine risk wearing white all the time? Oh right…it's a TV show tanyel. i mean this show is crazy good. I can't say it enough. 
every thursday i literally count down the hours till i get to spend an hour with olitz oh and did i mention the married man is the president of the united states? i mean come on. if that doesn't say watch me i don't know what does. 

13hrs and counting...

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