Friday, August 17, 2012

Girls Who Eat 1.3

Foodgasm Alert!!!

Right before the insanity that is Stylemax began; 
I had the amazing pleasure of meeting my friend Brian and his wife for dinner at Bar Toma. 
This was another one of my "random" food finds in my neighborhood. 
Thank you Urbanspoon

Bar Toma is one of those restaurants that you would totally pass up 
due to the proximity to Michigan Ave. 
Don't let the tourist detour you. 

They are most known for their pizza but man o man do they have so much more. 
Mozzarella Bar, Gelato Bar and one heck of a wine list. 
(Yes you read that right...I said Mozzarella Bar)

Don't let the casual atmosphere fool you...
because the food is out of this world with nothing casual about it

For starters: we had the calamari & octopus, hand rolled & stuffed mozzarella 
and lastly my most fav...
Fried cheese for grown-ups (that is actually the name) 
seriously people...go here now. 

And of course we had to try the pizza. 
there are about twenty different pizza options so of course the choice was a little hard but we settled on the Smoke & Cure. This pizza has smoked garlic people. I don't know about you but i didn't even know smoked garlic existed. well now i do and oh do i love it. (note to self...not a date pizza!) 


Is there really anything else to say? 
Gelato pictures speak for themselves. 
And don't you worry...they let you sample everything before you pick. And you better believe i did. 

As usual...I left stuffed to the brim. 

So here's to another successful Girls who Eat trip!!! 

Happy Eating my friends. 

p.s.  They have hot waiters here. 
Just in case you were wondering. 

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